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Design Examples

To see the details of the example design, click on the picture below:

   Picture of a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Controller  Hydrogen Fuel Cell Controller

   Picture of a Windows Fuel Cell Controller Application Windows Application - Hydrogen Fuel Cell Controller

   Picture of a Robot Controller Printed Circuit Board Microchip PIC based Robotic Arm Controller

   Pictures of a Genral Purpose Controller Printed Circuit Board General Purpose Controller used on Fuel Cells

    Pictues of a Windows Client/Server Application Windows Client/Server Application using TCP I/P

   Picture of a controller PCB artwork Communications Controller PCB Design

   Picture of an embedded controller Embedded Firmware written in 'C' on a commercial controller

   Picture of the Xtronix Current Sensor PCB Hall Effect Current Sensor 

   Picture of a Windows BootP Server application BootP Server  

   Picture of a Very Low Frequency Receiver Printed Circuit Board Very Low Frequency (VLF) Receiver

  Picture of a Windows Radio Simulator Application Radio Simulator - rotary tuning and full sound capabilities

  Picture of an ASCII Terminal application Ascii Serial I/F Terminal for Testing Serial Devices

  Picture of a Windows Hexadecimal Terminal application Hexadecimal Serial I/F Terminal for Testing Serial Devices

  Picture of an Ethernet Applicance Ethernet Appliance

  Picture of a Spectrum Analyser Trace EMC Investigation

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